Stay Tuned for Upcoming News… BeLOUD… October 16, 2011.

It’s been a while since the last post. The BeLOUD Team is working on its upcoming project, and God-willing, you’ll be a witness on Sunday October 16, 2011.
Till then we’ll keep you updated.
Be Blessed… and LOUD about it!

Feeding the Homeless & Less Fortunate…

What a BLESSING to be used by God! Be LOUD about THAT!

I am a member of the Lasalle-New Life Seventh-Day Adventist church on Champlain Blvd in Lasalle.
It’s one thing to know that there are certain departments in the church that are responsible for this or that… it’s something else to actually SEE what they do! I remember one Sunday swinging by in the late afternoon and seeing Sis. Chantal vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the aisles. Do we ever stop to THINK about the different things that need to get done? Who does them? Unless you’re part of a department, YOU DON’T!

You’ll see by the end of this entry that there are other ways to help out, even from a distance… ($$$$) Continue reading

Femme Du Québec – Lève-Toi!

Je Suis Née FEMME présente… FEMME du Québec: LÈVE-TOI!
Vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 & Samedi, 30 juillet 2011

Quelle bénédiction! Trois conférencières d’expérience ont partagé avec une centaine de femmes, la parole divine ainsi que leurs expériences de vie. Elles furent un témoignage vivant et ont su nous encourager à encrer notre foi en Dieu lors de moments difficiles.

Here were a few words of wisdom:
“Knowing God’s voice is not enough. Sacrificing oneself isn’t enough. Following Him is not enough. LET HIM CHANGE YOU HEART!”
– Pastor Sharon Rivest

– Pastor Colette Aubé-Rossignol

I must personally thank Gina Vilsaint for extending the invitation, and Kareen Aristide and her husband Reginald for having me.
Thank you for the warm welcome and great support in BeLOUD!
God’s Hand is at work. It is a work that has JUST begun.
Please keep us in your prayers.